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Could this be the next successor to TDU2 ?

If not the backing it certainly has the potential to be the closest thing to TDU3 we are going to see as it doesn’t look like Atari will be releasing another one in the franchise any time soon.

D.R.i.V.E. (Diverse Racing in Vast Environments) lets you choose how to play, you can participate in races, do some delivery missions, get caught up in a pursuit and more. Or do exactly as the name suggests and drive. You can configure the ideal specification for your car from the dealer and store it in your house. From a 1.6L hatchback to a fully kitted out race car the choice is up to you.

D.R.i.V.E. will be set on a European island that might not always work with you in getting from A to B. Be sure to check if your route isn’t flooded or blocked by a traffic accident, and be careful with routes taking you through tight residential neighborhoods or cross-country. There will be all sorts of roads from highways to dirt trails, and not all of them are as smooth or well maintained as others. Expect the same diversity in the landscapes with dense forests, a snowy summit, farm lands and beaches.

D.R.i.V.E. is a multiplayer game, but it won’t force you to be with people you don’t like. If you are trying to join the session a friend is in, you get priority over the other people instead of being thrown into random sessions. Organize road trips and car gatherings where you decide which brands and cars can participate. Complete challenges, with or against each other. If you don’t feel like playing with others you can always drop into single-player and have the roads to yourself.

Currently D.R.i.V.E is being developed for the PC. Down the road we will be considering a console release.

On Kickstarter you can pledge from $5 onward, with more rewards for higher donations. These include having your own designed vehicles, brands or buildings put into D.R.I.V.E., or even a trip to the Nurburgring together with us!

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